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Each of the tours here use the same method of panning by clicking and holding down the left mouse button while dragging the mouse pointer over the image. Trackpad and touchscreen methods may involve 2 or 3 finger swiping depending on the device setup. There is also preset functions on the tool bar, of which custom styling is available.

A variety of tours are shown here including multi-point tours and single point views. Some of the tours also include feature points, which when clicked, reveal still images.

Christchurch Art Gallery, Christchurch, New Zealand

Waterfront walkway, Wellington, New Zealand

Queenstown Airport, Queenstown, New Zealand

Lyall Bay, Wellington, New Zealand

Circa 2020 Apartments, Redlands, California, USA

Muriwai Beach, Auckland, New Zealand

Waterfront walkway, Wellington, New Zealand

Lambton Quay, Wellington, New Zealand

Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club, Wellington, New Zealand

The Woolstore Design Centre, Wellington, New Zealand


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